Sync and Licensing

ATIC Records is an independent label which boasts an extensive cross-genre catalogue covering hip-hop, beats, chill-out, pshyc-folk, soul, house and electronica. Artists include Aim, Niko, Maidm, QNC, Death of the Neighbourhood, The Witch And The Robot, Gripper and Crowhead. Original music is recorded and produced at Speed Limit Studios, ATIC’s purpose built facility in the English Lake District.

We control both sides of the majority of our titles, making sync clearance quick and easy. Notable placements include UEFA, Toyota, Playstation, Sega, Honda, Mr Porter, Eileen Fisher, Amaze, Netflix, Canal+ and BBC1.

For Sync inquiries please get in touch at

  • easy-sync


    A Nexflix Original Series – Directed and Written by Joe Swanberg

    Aim – ‘True To Hip-Hop’
  • sync-tony hawk


    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skateboarding game (PAL version) directed by Jason Uyeda

    Aim – ‘Ain’t Got Time To Waste’
  • sync-uefa

    UEFA Champions League

    UEFA platform for anti-racism ‘Respect’ campaign

      Aim – ‘Cold Water Music’
  • sync-toyota


    RAV4 television commercial

    Aim ‘Demonique’ (bespoke re-recorded version)
  • sync-Mr Porter

    Mr Porter

    Mr Ronnie Fieg (Kith) promo film – RSA Films Limited directed by Anthony Crook

    Aim – ‘We Don’t Play’ (Instrumental)
  • sync-the driver

    The Driver (BBC1)

    TV series – Red Production Company/ Highfield Pictures directed by Jamie Payne

    Niko – ‘Hate & Love’
  • sync-syrup


    Syrup (feature film) – Syrup Production directed by Aram Rapport

    Niko – ‘Over You’
  • sync-Eileen Fisher sping

    Eileen Fisher

    Unlock The Season Spring 2014 – online fashion film

    Aim – ‘Concentrate’
  • sync-spotless


    TV series – Spotless Productions (episode 8/10)

    Niko – ‘Those From The Heavens Come’
  • sync- derwent london

    Derwent London

    Marketing show-reel for building development in central London

    Aim – ‘Phantasm’
  • sync-Eileen Fisher scarf

    Eileen Fisher

    Scarf Tying Spring 2014 – online fashion film

    Aim – ‘Just Passing Through’
  • sync-amaze


    Digital marketing showreel – Celebrating 20 Years

    Aim – ‘It Ain’t Nuthin’ (Instrumental with bespoke intro and editing)
  • sync-honda


    Online Promo Film

    Aim – ‘Just Passing Through
  • indodreamsync

    Indo Dream

    Surf & travel film – directed by Jussi Korkeela

    Niko – A Life In Dreams
  • waterlooroad

    Waterloo Road

    BBC1 TV series

    Niko – ‘You’re So Boring’


aticSync and Licensing