ATIC - Various artists - Follow The Outline (MP3)


Various artists - Follow The Outline (MP3)

Various artists - Follow The Outline (MP3)


Various aritsts - OUT NOW!

Featuing rare and unreleased tracks from Aim, Gripper, Niko, Death of the Neighbourhood, Crowhead & Paperboy. Avaliable on CD and MP3

'ALBUM OF THE WEEK' -The Independent

Andy "Aim" Turner's delicate hip-hop soothed many a hangover in the early Noughties, and a decade on, his label's debut compilation should do the same. Highlights include Aim's ambling beatscapes, Gripper's lo-fi cosmic disco and accordion house, and Crowhead's tense rave. A spirit-lifting antidote to the January blues.'  -  The Independent

'The quality is here, even in the rarites' - DJ magazine

1. Aim - Corliss Avenue North

2. Gripper - Zonmbie (Crowhead Remix)

3. Gripper - The Right To Know

4. Paperboy - Bigfoot

5. Death of the Neighbourhood - Comkeholes (Aim Remix)

6. Crowhead - Tackle Lad

7. Death of the Neighbourhood - The Beautiful Things We Dirtied Up

8. Aim feat. Niko - Northwest (Gripper Remix)

9. Gripper - El Ruedo

10.Gripper - Styrofoam Head

11. Niko - Womb

12. Death of the Neighbourhood - Manhattan Floats Away

13. Aim feat. QNC - Before...