ATIC - Niko - Life on Earth (MP3)


Niko - Life on Earth (MP3)

Niko - Life on Earth (MP3)


Niko's debut album 'Life on Earth' has been out of print and un-available to download for years. Due to popular demand this album, origianlly released in 2004, is now re-released digitally on ATIC. Enjoy and stay tuned for her second LP due out later this year.

"Life on Earth is... a debut of delicious self-assurance, with beats that sashay from slouchy electro to brassy, soulful funk and hip hop. By turns ballsy, elegant and utterly intoxincating, a record to grab you by the collar and shove you onto the dancefloor" - Q

"Niko.. NY found protege, a singer- and, boy can she sing... production from friends and family like Aim, Mar Rae and Mr Scruff...Some fancy beats and that voice (complete with that range) hold it all together rather beautifully" - City Life

"There's a unifying charisma to Niko's songwriting and deadpan delivery...Life on Earth sings in the universal language of brill pop music" -NME

"Niko's debut is a highly original take on modern soul, showcasing her big versatile voice over equally round grooves" - Flux

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