ATIC - Niko - Hate & Love (Vinyl)


Niko - Hate & Love (Vinyl)

Niko - Hate & Love (Vinyl)



After what seems like an eternity we can finally announce the release of Niko's stunning second album Hate & Love!

Produced by Niko and Aim (Cold Water Music, Hinterland, Flight 602) the album covers a broad stylistic range moving effortlessly from minimal and cinematic through head-nodding hip-hop beats to electric boogie and early house. It's been a  long four years in the making and we can't wait to get it out there!

The Ringmaster Review - "stunning...glorious...dazzling...magical..."

Fame Magazine - an impressive and intense album… a joyous discovery

Music Muso - each track evokes it's own sense of wonder… a gorgeous mix of pop, electronica and haunting melodies

Glasswerk "Lush ethereal music that eases the senses like a lullaby"

1. Blight of Old

2. You're So Boring

3. A Life in Dreams

4. Hate & Love

5. I Can't get Enough of You

6. So Famous

7. Tiger Balm

8. The Daddy Remix

9. Arigato Mr. Roboto

10. Over You