ATIC - The Witch and the Robot - On Safari (CD)


The Witch and the Robot - On Safari (CD)

The Witch and the Robot - On Safari (CD)


'On Safari' is the debut album from The Witch And The Robot, possibly the strangest new act you’ll encounter this year. Blending dark psychedelia, folk, shanties and spoken word, these Lake District dwellers prove that the darkest music often comes from the prettiest places. The Lakes have long inspired poets, painters and romantics but The Witch And The Robot have filtered that inspiration into something dark, intense and meat-strewn. 

“Some sort of freak-folk, pastoral, krautrock mindblow. Seriously, SOOO good!” - Drowned In Sound

"genuinely great" 7/10 - NME

"delightfully authentic-sounding retro psychedelic folk". - The Telegraph

'It's Twisted, It's charming and it's too good to miss' - Bearded

8/10 'You cannot help but get absorbed by the enderingly weird and irreverent listen.' - To Cool to Die

1. Giants' Graves

2. The Beatification of St Thomas Aquinas

3. Rature of the Deep

4. The Best Free Show on Earth

5. A Crocodile Song

6. Smiert Spoinem

7. No Flies on Me ( Ballad of Jam-Head)

8. Sex Music (Beef on Wax)

9. The Puppeteer

10. De-Nihilism

11. You Already Know All There is to Know About Time Travel (Just Look at the Stars)