ATIC - Niko - The Daddy Remix (mp3)


Niko - The Daddy Remix (mp3)

Niko - The Daddy Remix (mp3)


Two years in the making, the eagerly awaited second album from Seattle born siren Niko is set to drop this summer. First single 'The Daddy Remix' is a golden-era flavoured, jazz flecked bounce-athon featuring long time label mates, Aim collaborators and hip-hop pioneers QNC aka Q- Ball & Curt Cazal. Taking the vocal from the original, slept-on version by Gripper (A Life Of Consummate Ease 2006), Aim felt there was unfinished business and the two spent a long night last year digging through jazz crates to create a radically reworked BANGER. Aim took it back to the lab to produce and mix and Niko shot off to NYC where she hooked up with upcoming director Brian Quist to shoot a promo video in and around a gloriously sunny New York City. It had to be the first single. A statement of intent and a sure sign that Niko is the one to watch this year... 

'...the new Niko album which is said to be based on a blue print everything ATIC records stand for – if this track is anything to go by it will be a blinder.' - Reckless Times

'it is a solid head-nodder, and I like it' -Glasswerk National

'Exelent! 5/5 Huge real hip hop never went away, catchy as **** ' - Pumaking

"The perfect prelude to Niko’s new album" - Fame Magazine


1. The Daddy Remix

1.The Daddy Remix Instrumental